Fri, Apr 15th 2016
customer insights for innovation form in the brain.

Qualitative, quantitative, big data... With so many customer data sources to draw on for your innovation programme, things can start to feel overwhelming.

You want to review the data and make use of it, but your don’t want to get ‘analysis paralysis’ or slow your innovation process down unnecesarily. Above all you crave ‘insight’ – not data.

With this in mind we’ve put together 5 tips to speed you on your way.

Fri, Aug 31st 2007

Pursuing a higher impact corporate social responsibility agenda (CSR), often requires expertise outside your organisation’s current domain. This is what many clients are currently telling us.

Anatellô has a long tradition of successfully bringing relevant experts into the innovation process and, perhaps not surprisingly, we have been called to find many in CSR-related fields recently.

Fri, Aug 31st 2007

We’re advocates of Blue Ocean Strategy* or Value Innovation. So we feel driven to commend one of the most successful recent innovations that demonstrates this approach.