Our Difference

Anatellô : More Effective Help With Your Innovation

Two key reasons:-

Anatellô's Complete 3-in-1 Innovation System.

Anatello Complete 3-in-1 Innovation System

Some providers only offer a random collection of innovation ‘tools and techniques’. The creativity and innovation literature confirms that this is not enough. For your innovation to succeed, you need more.

Whenever we work with clients, be it when training teams to become even better innovators, facilitating key innovation events and workshops or consulting for you on innovation projects we will provide you with:-

  • A proven innovation process
  • Powerful innovation tools and techniques to stimulate your fresh thinking and enable teams to tap into more of their potential.
  • Specific activities and guidance to catalyse a productive innovation climate or 'mindstates'. This enables your teams to work together creatively and resiliently until they’ve nailed their innovation challenges.

We Help You Manage the Risk of Innovation.

carabine symbolising risk management in innovation

 We have specialist expertise to help you manage the risk of innovation.

Innovation and creativity are by definition risky. However when teams understand the nature of  risk they are better equipped to manage it.

This enables them to:-

1. Take on more ambitious innovation projects.

2. Develop a more balanced innovation portfolio.

3. Feel much more confident about innovating to achieve significant growth.

Research* shows that companies with effective risk management achieve 3 times the EBITDA of those who are poor at it.

 Source E&Y Turning Risk into Results Report 2013