Business Model Innovation

15th Feb 2013

Don’t waste innovation on products! – That is what a recent article in Forbes magazine exhorts us to do.

The research that supports the article focused on the technology sector – but may be relevant to other sectors.

15th Jul 2011

Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur doesn’t look like your average business book. It’s published in landscape format, it’s packed with drawings and has lots of pictures, colour and white space. Yes, ‘the designers’ have got to it. But does it stand up as more than just a ‘beautiful thing’?

8th Dec 2009

Businesses in the music and media sectors continue to grapple with the opportunities and threats relating to online distribution. The financial pain is now so great for some that they are being driven to take radical action. Is it the right action?  Or are they setting themselves up for further heartache?