May 2013

12th May 2013

Innovation processes are important to delivering successful innovation. A good process will ensure that teams use their time and other resources efficiently and effectively.  At the same time, a good process will enable teams to channel their creative thinking into the project and also retain that creative thinking all the way through to the introduction or launch. However, processes can always be improved…

9th May 2013


Picture a baby reaching out to the colourful mobile bobbing above its crib. Or a six-month old crawling around the living room, picking up toys, the waste paper basket or the family cat; feeling them, shaking them, sucking them.

Or recall the pre-schooler who tests her parents’ patience by asking “why?” more than a hundred times a day.

Curiosity is a drive to explore your environment. In children, it’s a powerful urge, but research has shown that that urge to explore diminishes over time.

Curiosity is an important mindstate for innovation. So the less curiosity we have, the harder it will be to innovate.