December 2013

6th Dec 2013

“We come up with some good stuff in our innovation meetings, but then we don’t find it easy to progress the follow up actions”.

“We struggle to review and select our ideas because they seem to be at radically different stages of development."

“When we re-group after initial idea generation, each of us has a radically different idea of what the concept actually is.”

Just some of the comments that we hear from teams who are working hard on innovation projects, but not achieving everything they want to achieve.

3rd Dec 2013

Sometime ago I got a call from a guy, I’ll call him Will, who was struggling with an innovation project. Will worked for a large pharmaceutical company. His major focus was on marketing, he was a relative newcomer to innovation.

I met up with Will and he explained that the project had got off to a good start but now they were having trouble getting the project through the next stage. There was a ‘gate meeting’ already scheduled, but there was just far too much to be done by then...