Product Innovation

13th Sep 2012

The authors of Brand New have identified an ‘Innovation Paradox.’ Their research shows that the high failure rate of new product introductions (currently nine out of ten) has not improved in the last thirty years. What’s more, companies know innovation is important to share price and company performance, yet many accept they do not devote enough resources to it. Finally, they found that companies do not focus efforts on improving their innovation performance with the same zeal that they might focus on other under-performing aspects of their businesses.

5th Jul 2010

Product design and service design are often seen as separate disciplines with different ‘rules’ and distinct processes. Now, a new piece of research has been undertaken at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) into the potential impact of the sense of touch. The findings of this study are relevant to both product designers and service designers.

5th Jul 2010

Made in Brunel is the brand by which the school of Design and Engineering at Brunel University in the UK showcases its graduate talent. In June 2010 Made In Brunel presented an exciting exhibition at the Business Design centre London. There is also a high quality, stimulating and inspiring companion hardcopy book called 250 Innovative Ideas.

8th Dec 2009

Managers tasked with innovation often know their current products very well.Such knowledge can help the innovation process – the innovator knows the features of the product and what benefits they offer to users.

One the other hand, knowing the current product very well can at times hinder innovation.

31st Mar 2008

The arrival of the high-tech supermarket trolley provides some insight into the process of idea development and the importance of optimising a proposition before launch.