Creative Thinking Training Courses.

Creative Thinking Training to Grow Your Business

Want to grow or improve your business or organization? Then creative thinking is vital.

Creative thinking increases the options that you can choose for your business and is critical to identifying and developing new sources of competitive advantage

Everyone can be creative. However, in everyday business operations you and your teams are typically expected to use your critical thinking capacity. This means that you analyse problems, and use logic and rational thinking to solve them.

This works up to a point. However, when you and your teams are able to draw on both critical thinking and creative thinking skills, you will be operating within a whole new paradigm of inventiveness and possibility. You will exponentially increase the number of high quality revenue–generating, value-creating and cost-saving options available to you.

Creative Thinking Training : The Benefits

Here are a few of the benefits to you and your organization of reconnecting with and honing your creative thinking skills.

  • Creative thinking training can transform your strategy discussions. It can help you conceive of a more inspiring and compelling vision for your organization. Also, with higher levels of creativity, you will push beyond current constraints to your thinking, and reach groundbreaking, cogent, strategic options that you can implement.
  • Creative thinking training will unleash the flood of fresh, high quality ideas that are locked within you and your teams. It will equip you to channel these ideas and develop them into highly differentiated products and services that will delight your customers and have them rushing back to you for more.
  • Creative thinking training helps you to crack your most challenging and enduring business problems.
  • Creative thinking energises your teams through helping them to tap into their creative potential. Employees who undertake creative thinking training and who are then encouraged to contribute their creativity to the business, will feel greater personal and job satisfaction. They will feel more engaged with their organization, and will stay longer.

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Top-rated Creative Thinking Training from Specialists.

Anatellô is the leading specialist provider in innovation and creativity training. This means that our creative thinking courses are designed by people who have both extensive knowledge of the creative thinking literature, and also many years of practical experience of helping client teams to release their creative thinking powers to the benefit of their businesses.

Anatellô’s creative thinking training courses consistently score higher than an 86% average by purchasers and participants for content, delivery and business building outcomes.

Why Choose Anatellô for Your Creative Thinking Training?

Answer : Three Key Focus Areas that Guarantee Better Creative Thinking Training.

Other providers often just focus on creative thinking tools and techniques. Anatellô’s creative thinking training supports you with expert help in three key areas:-

  • Proven Creative Thinking  Processes. Processes guide teams through the different stages of creative thinking, helping them to generate fresh new  ideas, to develop these ideas further so they become concepts, and to action plan with their new ideas to ensure they will be implemented.
  • Powerful Creative Thinking Tools and Techniques. These stimulate different types of thinking e.g. connection making and metaphorical thinking, which enrich the creative thinking process.
  • Resourceful Creative Thinking Mindstates. These enable you and your team to optimize every stage of the process, and keep you going through the inevitable highs and lows of creativity and innovation. They include traits such as curiosity at start-up, openmindedness to all inputs, resilience to stay the course and much more!

We have our own extensive body of knowledge. This includes leading edge research into the neuroscience of creativity.  The findings of such research inform the design of our creative thinking trainings. This means that we can help you access the most resourceful mindstates for your creativity projects.

So, by choosing Anatellô you will get focus on three key 'creativity enablers' and far superior creative thinking training.

Why Invest in Creative Thinking Training?

When you and your teams generate creative ideas, you are creating assets for your organization. What’s more, your organisation’s capability to produce creative ideas is itself, an asset.

When you invest in creative thinking training you grow your organisation’s assets!

Download Anatellô’s Creative Thinking Training Brochure.