Innovation Consultancy

Treasure chest of gold that symbolises how Anatellô innovation consultancy helps organisations create value through innovation

Our experience in growth and innovation consultancy has shown us that there is scope to innovate in virtually all activities that an organisation undertakes.

For many companies the starting point for innovation is product innovation or service innovation. Very quickly this can lead to the need for process innovation and business model innovation.

Having started to innovate, teams often want to accelerate the rate at which they are achieving innovation results. There may also be a need to involve more of their colleagues in innovation.

This might prompt the team to ensure that the organisation has a sound innovation strategy in place. They may also look to develop an innovation culture  within their organisation, or to undertake innovation training.

An innovative company which develops new products or new services can also benefit from pursuing innovative approaches to business development. This will help the organisation maximise sales and business growth from innovation efforts.

Growth and innovation consultancy from Anatellô can help you in each of these areas of innovation.