Fri, Apr 15th 2016
customer insights for innovation form in the brain.

Qualitative, quantitative, big data... With so many customer data sources to draw on for your innovation programme, things can start to feel overwhelming.

You want to review the data and make use of it, but your don’t want to get ‘analysis paralysis’ or slow your innovation process down unnecesarily. Above all you crave ‘insight’ – not data.

With this in mind we’ve put together 5 tips to speed you on your way.

Tue, May 11th 2010

Who is better placed to develop an adult soft drink? A soft drinks company or an alcoholic drinks company?

How about the soft drinks company? After all, they know the processes and technology for creating soft drinks.

Or is it the alcoholic drinks company? Aren’t they better placed to know what customers want?

If innovation is a mixture of technology/process and customer understanding, and neither company has both, how to know who is better placed to innovate?

Tue, May 11th 2010

Innovation is about the future. It’s about the new products and new services that will exist in the future. It’s about understanding what customers will want in the future and how businesses and organisations will need to change and grow their innovation capability in order to satisfy those customer needs of the future.

So if this is what we already know – where does a book about the future of innovation take us?

Tue, Mar 9th 2010

Last month we outlined how innovation metrics and the innovation audit can play a key role in evaluating innovation performance.

We also touched on how intrinsic motivation or passion is one of the key factors that influences innovation success, and how innovation metrics are not generally very good at measuring it.

This month we consider the subject of innovation coaching, what it is and the key role it can play in helping to build levels of intrinsic motivation among individuals and teams.

Tue, Mar 9th 2010


News that a group of British private schools is considering setting up a private university is a fascinating reminder to us all to keep looking out for innovation opportunities.

Mon, Feb 8th 2010

Many will agree that a well-chosen selection of innovation metrics is critical to good management of innovation projects and innovation teams.

Even better, by also undertaking regular innovation audits, an organisation can get a ‘more rounded’ picture of its innovation performance.

But are innovation metrics and innovations audits enough? Or should we be measuring anything else?

Mon, Feb 8th 2010

Are you ready for ‘liquid glass.’

The people at Nanopool hope you are.

After a long period of product innovation, most innovators are delighted and relieved to be able to get their product ‘out there.’

But as we know, product development alone is not enough.

How do you market your innovation successfully, so that you get maximum return on investment and ensure that your product launch will enhance your company’s reputation?

Fri, Feb 5th 2010

Innovate The Pixar Way – Business Lessons from the World’s Most Creative Corporate Playground offers inspiration to any leader who is seeking to make her organisation more creative and innovative.

Pixar is, of course, the animation powerhouse whose creations include Toy Story, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles.

Tue, Dec 8th 2009

Businesses in the music and media sectors continue to grapple with the opportunities and threats relating to online distribution. The financial pain is now so great for some that they are being driven to take radical action. Is it the right action?  Or are they setting themselves up for further heartache?

Tue, Dec 8th 2009

Managers tasked with innovation often know their current products very well.Such knowledge can help the innovation process – the innovator knows the features of the product and what benefits they offer to users.

One the other hand, knowing the current product very well can at times hinder innovation.

Sun, Aug 31st 2008

What could be more fun? You receive a parcel, open it and there inside is the picture/clock/lamp you ordered. Even better, your item is generously wrapped in... bubble wrap!

Who of us can resist a casual 'pop' of those air pockets before we examine our merchandise? What's more, once the item is unwrapped, who doesn't feel drawn to pop a few more?