June 2012

15th Jun 2012

A recent article in Forbes magazine predicts a time when Facebook and Google will have been superseded by new technologies that satisfy better what we are looking for from social media and search.

15th Jun 2012

A recent report by consulting firm PWC warns mainstream financial lenders that UK customers are increasingly being drawn to ‘payday loan’ providers and away from credit cards. One extreme scenario they have considered is that ‘payday loans’ overtake credit cards. How can a 'niche opportunity' grow so big?

14th Jun 2012

Design thinking has been an innovation buzz phrase for the last few years.

Designing for Growth promises to ‘demystify design thinking by translating “design” from an abstract idea into a practical tool any manager can profit from’. The authors also promise that they will use ‘business language to unpack the mysterious connection between design thinking and profitable growth’.