November 2012

13th Nov 2012

The PEST framework helps business planners and innovators identify opportunities for innovation and change in the macro environment. It's a tool that enables a systematic exploration of how political, economic, social and technological factors may impact on the business - sometimes expanded to PESTEL to include legal and environmental.

Typically, business planners will identify the specific trends in each of these areas, and then identify how they might be a threat to the business or an opportunity. But are all these factors equal? Do they deserve the same amount of attention?

12th Nov 2012

We need more creative ideas! Yes that sometimes how it seems. New ideas for new products or process improvements or cost savings.

Think again. Do you need more creative ideas or do you need to hear the ones you’re given?

11th Nov 2012

Corporate Entrepreneurship – “How to create a thriving entrepreneurial spirit throughout your company.” is both a guide to understanding corporate entrepreneurship and also a handbook to help organisations succeed with it.