September 2011

15th Sep 2011

Three super rich entrepreneurs have ambitions and plans to take tourists into space. What can we learn about innovation from them?

14th Sep 2011

Are you looking to gather information for innovation? If so, it’s easy to get caught up in the issues of designing the right market study – defining its scope and the methodology. But what about the findings? How are you going to process them and handle the outputs – you’ll need to plan for that too...

11th Sep 2011

“Fresh ideas can mean big profits - but only if they make it to market and sell.” So runs the cover blurb of the Harvard Business Review (HBR) book Inspiring and Executing Innovation. Ah! The tantalizing pleasure and torturous pain of innovation neatly summed up! But wait! There’s more  - a  promise of the best practices to enable us to create and deliver new products and services. So how well does the book itself deliver?