January 2011

17th Jan 2011

With a New Year ahead of us, research companies and forecasters of trends in various fields are loudly proclaiming their wares, namely the new trend forecasts they have produced. It’s a reminder of the importance of us drawing on trend information to inform our innovation initiatives.

So, how can we use this data effectively? Here's 3 ways you may want to experiment with.

17th Jan 2011

With its prediction of four decades of declining GDP for Europe and North America relative to Asia, a recent report by PWC could make depressing reading.

Maybe publishing such demoralising predictions is intended to galvanise board members of large corporations into giving the consultancy a call.

Bad news sells newspapers, but pessimism and fear are distinctly unhelpful when it comes to innovation. 

So let’s remove a little of the emotion...

17th Jan 2011

As innovators, we all know that identifying hidden needs is fundamental to new proposition development. With the phrase frequently bandied about in R&D facilities, marketing departments and boardrooms around the world, it’s strange perhaps that only now do we have a book on the topic.

So, how well does this title equip us to identify hidden needs in our chosen sector? A competence, we are told by the authors, that is critical to innovation success.