September 2010

13th Sep 2010

Intrapreneurship is one of the ‘buzzwords’ of 2010. We’re finding growing numbers of business leaders are keen to explore how to bring the spirit of entrepreneurship alive in big companies.

So, what can you do to encourage intrapreneurship and help it succeed in your organisation?

13th Sep 2010

Most of us at some stage have been encouraged to ‘reframe’ failure as learning or feedback. But to what extent do individuals, teams and organisations actually do this?

Now, new research from the University of Colorado Denver Business School confirms that we can grow our ability to innovate through learning from our failures.

13th Sep 2010

Who of us would not include Steve Jobs in our top three innovators? Indeed, wouldn’t many put him at number one?

After all, Jobs is the CEO of Apple, the company that has customers queuing up overnight to be the first to get their hands on the latest product launch, be it the I-phone or the I-pad.

So what are the ingredients in Jobs’s particular brand of innovation pixie dust? A new book The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs by Carmine Gallo promises to reveal all.