May 2010

11th May 2010

Actress Katy Perry’s dress lit up the Costume Institute Gala Benefit in New York the other night. Her stylish gown showed off her great figure - but there was more. When the lights went down the gown 'lit up' !

Was Katy’s dress just a gimmick – or is this the look of clothes to come?

Our bet is on the latter – and that’s because Katy’s dress is ‘bang on trend.’  We don’t just mean fashion trend though. Katy’s dress is consistent with TRIZ Evolutionary Trends – part of a toolset that can help innovators with successful product and service innovation.

11th May 2010

Who is better placed to develop an adult soft drink? A soft drinks company or an alcoholic drinks company?

How about the soft drinks company? After all, they know the processes and technology for creating soft drinks.

Or is it the alcoholic drinks company? Aren’t they better placed to know what customers want?

If innovation is a mixture of technology/process and customer understanding, and neither company has both, how to know who is better placed to innovate?

11th May 2010

Innovation is about the future. It’s about the new products and new services that will exist in the future. It’s about understanding what customers will want in the future and how businesses and organisations will need to change and grow their innovation capability in order to satisfy those customer needs of the future.

So if this is what we already know – where does a book about the future of innovation take us?