Download Your Free Innovation Training Needs Analysis Tool.

Innovation Training Needs Analysis Tool from Anatellô

Identify your priority areas for Innovation Training.

Download Anatellô’s Innovation Training Needs Analysis Tool, and you will be taking the first critical step towards ‘raising your innovation game’.

This powerful tool gives you a structured approach to assess a broad range of innovation capabilities in your organisation. It will also help you identify the priority areas for innovation training investment.

This version of the tool is for individuals and teams at junior and middle manager level. Look out for Anatellô’s Innovation Training Needs Analysis tool for senior managers and directors which is coming soon!.

Use Anatellô's Innovation Training Needs Analysis Tool:-

  • Informally, to stimulate reflection and discussion at team meetings or post project review meetings when you have completed an innovation project.
  • To get an initial assessment of your innovation training needs before contacting us for a comprehensive diagnostic of the innovation training needs and innovation context in your organisation.  We’ll offer you a no-commitment discussion about exactly how innovation training can help your teams improve the quality and quantity of innovation in your organisation.

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