Growth and Innovation Consultancy

Trudy Lloyd introduces Anatellô growth and innovation consultancy and outlines how the innovation consultancy can help with business growth, innovation processes, innovation training, facilitation and more.


Hello. My name’s Trudy Lloyd and I’m the founder and CEO of Anatellô growth and innovation consultancy.

Business is tough for many people these days. There’s constant downward pressure on margins and at the same time key input costs, like energy are rising. You may want to grow your business and improve returns on the capital that shareholders have invested, but how do you do it? As you probably know, cost cutting, if possible, can only take you so far.

Anatellô is a Greek word which means to bring to light, give birth to and to grow.

Now, more than ever, companies need to bring to light the hidden needs of consumers and customers in order to develop new products and new services that more closely fit the bill.

Companies need to bring to light the talents and knowledge of all the people and networks inside and outside the organisation.

And companies need to give birth to great ideas and inventions that will delight their customers.

And it’s not just businesses that need to grow. It’s people too. If your innovation teams can develop their core innovation skills on their projects, then they’ll need less help next time.

Your innovation teams will become more confident about dealing with those times when they feel unsure or perhaps confused which can happen on many innovation projects.

Anatellô’s facilitationtraining and consultancy services and our proven innovation processes can help with all these things. Our expertise is in the process of innovation which means that our approach works across sectors, for both product and service companies and for both business to business and business to consumer organisations.

Just imagine how much more resourceful and empowered you‘ll feel when more of the creativity and problem solving skills of both the people and networks inside and outside your organisation are available to you. You could say it’s like having a bigger workforce - but without increasing your payroll.

Imagine how much easier innovation will be, when your teams are all skilled up with effective tools, techniques and processes.

And imagine how much more rewarding it will be to launch new products and services with more meaningful benefits. Benefits that customers are ready and willing to pay more for.

So if this appeals to you, and you want to learn more, please get in touch. We’ll help you bring to light the hidden resources in your company. We’ll help you grow your business and your people and improve returns.