Innovation Strategy

12th Apr 2015

Innovation is risky. Sometimes this knowledge can hold organisations and teams back, keeping their focus on small, lower risk projects or even stopping them completely from innovating.

When that happens organisations miss out on the potentially large rewards of more ambitious projects.

However, there are simple steps you can take to make innovation less risky.

12th May 2013

Innovation processes are important to delivering successful innovation. A good process will ensure that teams use their time and other resources efficiently and effectively.  At the same time, a good process will enable teams to channel their creative thinking into the project and also retain that creative thinking all the way through to the introduction or launch. However, processes can always be improved…

13th Nov 2012

The PEST framework helps business planners and innovators identify opportunities for innovation and change in the macro environment. It's a tool that enables a systematic exploration of how political, economic, social and technological factors may impact on the business - sometimes expanded to PESTEL to include legal and environmental.

Typically, business planners will identify the specific trends in each of these areas, and then identify how they might be a threat to the business or an opportunity. But are all these factors equal? Do they deserve the same amount of attention?

11th Nov 2012

Corporate Entrepreneurship – “How to create a thriving entrepreneurial spirit throughout your company.” is both a guide to understanding corporate entrepreneurship and also a handbook to help organisations succeed with it.

15th Jun 2012

A recent article in Forbes magazine predicts a time when Facebook and Google will have been superseded by new technologies that satisfy better what we are looking for from social media and search.

15th Jun 2012

A recent report by consulting firm PWC warns mainstream financial lenders that UK customers are increasingly being drawn to ‘payday loan’ providers and away from credit cards. One extreme scenario they have considered is that ‘payday loans’ overtake credit cards. How can a 'niche opportunity' grow so big?

16th Apr 2012

Winning at Innovation. Now that’s appealing!  So how well do Kotler and Trias de Bes help us do this?

18th Mar 2011

Are you using social media to help with innovation?

Facebook and Twitter are now an established part of many people’s lives. As such, any business looking to communicate with customers and potential customers must at least consider using social media.

18th Mar 2011

Struggling to differentiate your crowdsourcing from your customer co-creation? Grappling with protecting versus managing intellectual property(IP)?

Don’t worry, help is at hand in the form of a new book.

Comprehensive and practical help! That’s our overall verdict on Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing, edited by Paul Sloane.

17th Jan 2011

With its prediction of four decades of declining GDP for Europe and North America relative to Asia, a recent report by PWC could make depressing reading.

Maybe publishing such demoralising predictions is intended to galvanise board members of large corporations into giving the consultancy a call.

Bad news sells newspapers, but pessimism and fear are distinctly unhelpful when it comes to innovation. 

So let’s remove a little of the emotion...