Facilitation Training Courses.

Top-rated Facilitation Training Courses from Specialists.

Anatellô’s facilitator training courses consistently score higher than an 90% average by purchasers and participants for content, delivery and business building outcomes.

We are specialists in innovation and creativity. This means that our facilitator training courses are designed by people who have both extensive knowledge of the theory of facilitation process, and also many years of practical experience of helping clients develop facilitators within their businesses.

Achieve Much More, Achieve Better Results from your Workshops and Meetings!

Good facilitation improves the productivity and quality of your meetings – be they innovation workshops or strategy and planning meetings.

Facilitator training needs to provide participants with processes, tools and techniques. It also should include topics such as how to engender a sense of cooperation and collaboration in the group, how to inspire a group, how to challenge individuals to go beyond their self-imposed boundaries, how to direct the group and how to handle difficult situations.

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Why Choose Anatellô for Your Facilitation Training?

Answer : Three Key Focus Areas that Guarantee Better Facilitation Training.

Other providers often just focus on facilitation tools and techniques. Anatellô’s facilitation training supports you with expert help in three key areas:-

  • Proven Innovation and Meeting Processes.
  • Powerful Facilitation Tools and Techniques.
  • Resourceful Facilitation Mindstates.

We have our own extensive body of knowledge. This includes leading edge research into the neuroscience of creativity and innovation. Until recently, creativity research focused on what could be ‘seen from the outside’, which meant observing human behaviours and psychology. Now, through the developments in neuroscience, we have a greater understanding of the actual processes inside the human brains that are involved in creativity and innovation.

The findings of such research inform the design of our facilitation skills trainings. This means that we can help you access the most resourceful mindstates for facilitation. So, by choosing Anatellô you will get focus on three key drivers of successful facilitation and far superior facilitation skills training.

Facilitation Training: Business Benefits.

  • Release more of the creativity of your teams and channel it into value-creating projects for the organisation.
  • Improve the  productivity of your meetings.
  • Increase the  capacity of your  teams to problem-solve and innovate.
  • Improve decision making and get greater levels of commitment to action.
  • Tap into more of your people's potential

Download Anatellô's Facilitation Training Brochure