Service Innovation

21st Nov 2011

Ever wondered how to get off the innovation treadmill of ever shortening product lifecycles and rapid commoditization of markets that is exhausting the management teams of many companies in developed economies?

Henry Chesbrough has, and he believes the solution is Open Service Innovation as documented in his book of the same title. Can it really help us?

5th Jul 2010

When a company is performing well, one of the key challenges for its leader is to get everyone sufficiently motivated to look to the future and to innovate.

Despite the best intentions and encouragement, everyone’s focus often remains on current operations. Any efforts to innovate may be limited to process improvement and to taking cost out without adversely affecting the value proposition.

However, scenario planning is a tool that can play a key role in getting teams motivated for innovation.

9th Mar 2010


News that a group of British private schools is considering setting up a private university is a fascinating reminder to us all to keep looking out for innovation opportunities.

13th Mar 2008

The challenge of how to innovate in services is critical and relevant to all of us.

In the UK, 85% (1) of businesses are now service businesses. In developed countries, service businesses account for 66% (2) of employment and GDP. Many manufacturing businesses now have a service element.

However, much less is known about how to innovate successfully in service businesses than in manufacturing ones.