Creative Research

14th Sep 2012

How close are you to your customer or consumer? Could you get closer? Would you be prepared to spend some time in a fat suit? And old–age suit? The relevant simulation for your industry - to experience what life is like for people with those characteristics? How valuable would an experience like that be to you?

17th Jan 2011

With a New Year ahead of us, research companies and forecasters of trends in various fields are loudly proclaiming their wares, namely the new trend forecasts they have produced. It’s a reminder of the importance of us drawing on trend information to inform our innovation initiatives.

So, how can we use this data effectively? Here's 3 ways you may want to experiment with.

1st Mar 2008

You may be familiar with the rather sedate behaviour of your average research group - politely sharing the talk-time and thinking carefully before speaking - and that can be a problem.

Analytical thinking comes naturally to many people now. It's the result of higher levels of education, more reading and people hearing analyses and critiques in the media.

But as we know, when shopping, and making buying decisions we often operate at a more emotional level. The rational stuff only goes part of the way. To get really useful outputs, we need to release the emotions around a product or category.