April 2015

12th Apr 2015

Innovation is risky. Sometimes this knowledge can hold organisations and teams back, keeping their focus on small, lower risk projects or even stopping them completely from innovating.

When that happens organisations miss out on the potentially large rewards of more ambitious projects.

However, there are simple steps you can take to make innovation less risky.

3rd Apr 2015

Do you find that your well-researched and painstakingly developed innovations are rapidly becoming commodities due to your competitors fighting back intensely and from all around your market position?

Perhaps a new competitor has disrupted your market, undercutting prices to levels that barely cover your overheads? Or, perhaps you feel locked into an ‘arms race’ with your competitors, where you are all offering more and more features and relevant benefits, but unit prices are staying the same or even falling?

 If so, you’re suffering from hyper-competition. And if you read on we’ll tell you what you can do about it.