Tools and Techniques

16th Apr 2012

Heston Blumenthal, the consummate food innovator has now decided to innovate his dining offer beyond the food.  He wants to extend the pleasure for the diners who make a reservation at his restaurant so that the overall experience lasts longer and is more satisfying...

15th Jul 2011

Simply talking about creativity is never enough to get across its pivotal role in innovation!  What’s needed are examples. How did someone generate that great new idea? What was the analogy or metaphor that led to a new insight? How did someone end up combining data in new ways to make a great new connection?

15th May 2011

The authors of Gamestorming promise that by “imagining, creating and exploring possible worlds, you will open the door to breakthrough thinking and real innovation”. What’s more, the ‘games’ they describe in their book can help us do this. So how well does it deliver?

11th May 2010

Actress Katy Perry’s dress lit up the Costume Institute Gala Benefit in New York the other night. Her stylish gown showed off her great figure - but there was more. When the lights went down the gown 'lit up' !

Was Katy’s dress just a gimmick – or is this the look of clothes to come?

Our bet is on the latter – and that’s because Katy’s dress is ‘bang on trend.’  We don’t just mean fashion trend though. Katy’s dress is consistent with TRIZ Evolutionary Trends – part of a toolset that can help innovators with successful product and service innovation.

1st Jan 2008

What can we do to overcome our limits in the area of innovation and innovative thinking?

One useful tool is to use the language of 'I wish.'

Why use 'I wish' when you are innovating? Quite simply, it encourages positive thinking about new futures. It helps us break through that barrier of only working with what we know is possible (known solutions).