Innovation Training : Achieve a Step-Change in Innovation Performance.

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If you’re not achieving everything you could be achieving in innovation how would you know?

Perhaps you audit your innovation performance. But how are your competitors or other organisations doing? Would you know if they were out-performing you at innovation? Or would you be surprised if they unleashed a rapid fire series of new launches into your market, wowing your customers and luring them away?

Before this happens, we’ll show you how top performers in innovation keep upping their game.

There are enormous rewards for those who improve their organisation’s innovation performance. A few key ones are:-

  • Top performing companies* have a 80%¹ success rate in product development versus worst performers at 38%
  • Top performing companies* have 38%¹ of revenue coming from new products versus the worst performers at 9%.
  • The best companies are 12%² more productive in innovation than the worst performers.

Performance Improvement in Innovation is often Overlooked.

Why in otherwise well-managed organisations is innovation performance improvement overlooked?

One suggestion is innovation projects unlike everyday operations vary enormously in scope, objectives and degree of complexity.  This makes them hard to evaluate.

If this resonates with you, you may want to think again.

Much of innovation outside the creative bits involves rigorous project management. As such, your organisation’s performance in innovation can be audited and evaluated to identify how things can be improved.

Indeed, you can evaluate most of the creative aspects too to identify areas for further improvements.

Benchmarking is Key

It’s also vital to look outside and see how others are performing at innovation.

Benchmarking innovation performance can help you here.

You may find you’re doing well and deserve a pat on the back.  It’s likely though that all teams will find some areas where they can improve

It was through talking to teams and gaining such feedback that led us to develop Anatellô’s Achieve a Step Change in Innovation Performance Training.

This programme which is part workshop, part training enables senior teams to come together and focus on improving innovation performance in their organisation.

Achieve a Step-Change in Innovation Performance Training.

The programme, which is underpinned by research evidence, focuses your attention around four key areas:-

  • Assessing your organisation’s performance on a wide range of drivers of innovation success.
  • Benchmarking against relevant competitors and top performing organisations for innovation
  • Prioritising and selecting the areas that you have the resources to improve.
  • Action planning.

Not every innovation leader is ready to confront where they may be complacent in innovation performance or where innovation performance in their organisation is repeatedly failing.

But for those who do, it can be an intense experience, with both highs and lows. Yes! We encourage you to celebrate and do more of the things you are doing well.

If you’re ambitious for innovation in your organisation and hungry for bigger rewards from it, but unsure which levers you should be pulling to do things differently, take heart that a step-change in performance is possible.

Not only will your organisation benefit financially, but team motivation will soar as team members notch up a much more impressive innovation track record and serve customers better.

Sources: 1 APQC Benchmarking Study.  2 AD Little Innovation Excellence Study

©Anatellô Ltd 2015. All rights reserved.

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