Innovation Mindset

9th Mar 2010

Last month we outlined how innovation metrics and the innovation audit can play a key role in evaluating innovation performance.

We also touched on how intrinsic motivation or passion is one of the key factors that influences innovation success, and how innovation metrics are not generally very good at measuring it.

This month we consider the subject of innovation coaching, what it is and the key role it can play in helping to build levels of intrinsic motivation among individuals and teams.

8th Feb 2010

Many will agree that a well-chosen selection of innovation metrics is critical to good management of innovation projects and innovation teams.

Even better, by also undertaking regular innovation audits, an organisation can get a ‘more rounded’ picture of its innovation performance.

But are innovation metrics and innovations audits enough? Or should we be measuring anything else?

30th Jun 2008

At Anatellô we have many tools and techniques to help our clients innovate. We feel they are a vital part of the process of innovation.