Innovation Case Studies

If you would like us to send you case studies of our work then please get in touch.

By definition, many innovation projects require confidentiality - at least until the launch period is completed. Some clients like to retain confidentiality for longer.

Because of this we do not widely publish case studies.

However, if you let us know what areas you are interested in then we will provide you with either a case history or an anonymised case history relevant to your request.

Case Study 01: Develop Vision, Strategy and Leadership Training.

In response to a market assessment, a large professional services organisation was repositioning itself to win larger, more strategic projects, which they felt would be more profitable.

It was time for the board to look at their organisation and create a new vision and strategy. Board members were also looking to learn skills in leading innovation so that the company could develop new offers for clients successfully.

The programme we undertook included stakeholder research to input into a SWOT analysis. We also facilitated the development of the vision and strategy through a mixture of workshop sessions and meetings.

When we trained board members to ‘lead innovation.’ They learned tools and techniques for managing uncertainty and risk, and also advanced interpersonal skills. After 12 months, average revenue per consulting project was +48% yoy.

“Our business has been transformed... the Leading Innovation training was particularly inspiring.”

Case Study 02: Expert Input And Customer Insights.

A global food ingredients manufacturer was looking to increase revenues and profits by entering, what was for them, a new and more specialised food market.

Our client needed information in order to quantify the opportunity and identify how they might differentiate their offering and respond to unmet needs.

We put together a research and insights programme across key European markets that included depth interviews and a facilitated discussion among a panel of international experts.

Much of the information from the experts was couched in scientific and technical jargon. Part of our challenge was to translate their ideas and concepts into simpler language so that the research outputs could be shared as widely as possible within the company.

We also formulated key customer insights about the market, and likely direction of its future growth. In addition, we used the data to create a new approach to segmenting the market.

Our client has now gained internal approval for investment and the company has committed to a major new product development initiative in this new sector.

“This really delivered in terms of giving us new and real insights into this market”
Global Innovation Director